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In 1980, Alan Godfrey had a good career as a UK policeman in a Yorkshire town of Todmorden. When he was called to a body on a coal heap situated in a goods yard of the local railway station. Climbing up the slippery railway sleepers holding back a mountain of loose coal, as he reached the top and peered over the rim. What he saw next would haunt him for the rest of his life. He was no more than inches away from the face and staring into the open eyes of an obviously dead body. Of course, he had seen bodies before during his service in the police but this one was inexplicably terrifying. In fact it sent a shiver down his spine.


Those eyes staring up at him seemed to draw him in as though they were trying to tell him something. And in those moments he thought about the last sight that this poor man must have witnessed. Why did that image produce such a chill inside? This question would long stay with him. Little did he know how those few moments would change his life and eventually embroil him within one of the biggest cover ups by the British authorities about which the file to this day remains 'CLASSIFIED'. Now for the first time you can read the truth in his own words...

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